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Welcome to 30 Years of White Lady

Yiannis & Antonia

A very warm welcome to the White Lady from me, Antonia, my husband Yiannis, my Uncle Vasilis and all the White Lady staff. We hope all our friends will find it useful and entertaining, especially when many of you will be reading this in the depths of winter. If you want to know a little more about the people who work in the White Lady, check out the Staff page.

Those of you who have already visited will know that we like our guests to have a warm and fun atmosphere where they can choose from a varied menu of traditional Cretan and Greek specialities, where they can relax or join in our entertainment evenings, Syrtaki Shows, Live Greek Music, Karaoke and all kinds of background music. For your next visit we can arrange a special occasion for you such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Parties, or any other celebration while you are on holiday. The easiest way to let us know about these special occasions is to use our online Table Reservation Form

White Lady Family Taverna

Please use the guestbook to leave messages if you want. Your messages will be moderated and we now have the option to reply to them directly using the guestbook. You will also see that you can make "private posts" to the guestbook that can only be seen by the guestbook administrator. Your e-mail addresses are now private so that they cannot be picked up by spambots.

If you want to book accommodation, please use the Booking Enquiry Form. We will then e-mail you with the details, particularly the cost of your accommodation. If you want to go ahead with your booking, please use the Accomodation Booking Confirmation Form.

Finally, by way of an apology, the information concerning today's name days does not always appear. This is taken from an external website and their server sometimes replies with a "service unavailable" message. When this happens the name day table does not appear.